At Global Specialised Services you will work with experts who understand your individual requirements. We assume that no two customers are the same.
Developed over many years, our services are every bit as individual as your collection. Each travelling exhibition is very different, requiring our expert team of coordinators to individually plan in great detail, step by step, all aspects of packing, transportation, airport supervision, security, courier travel and when required storage in our high security climate stores and installation by our in-house art technicians. Due to high values and/or multiple countries of origin up to a dozen or more individual shipments per exhibition may need to be coordinated which demands an expertise we are renowned for and trusted by  museums & galleries around the world to deliver safely and on time every time.  
Listed below are some recent examples of the most complex exhibitions which we have travelled internationally to and from Singaporean museums and galleries. These and many more exhibitions have been entrusted to the Global Specialised Services team to deliver safely door to door.

Examples of Recent Exhibitions GSS Singapore has successfully coordinated:

International Touring Exhibitions:

Indian Buddhist Art / Indian Museum Kolkata National Museum India - Asian Civlization Museum

Jameel Prize 3/Victoria & Albert Museum - National Technical University/NLB

Legacies, multiple Indonesian lenders - Pinnacotheque

Celebrating Maps & their Stories from British Library/ NAUK, Leiden University - National Library Singapore 

 The Peranakan World, National Museum India - Asian Civilization Museum 


Shipwreck Exhibition, Aka Khan Museum Toronto - Asian Civilization Museum  

Cities & Kings: Ancient Treasures from Myanmar, multiple lenders/Myanmar - Asian Civilization Museum

Port Cities Multicultural Emporiums of Asia 1500 – 1900, multiple lenders Netherlands, Portugal, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Switzerland - Asian Civilization Museum

Christianity In Asia, Sacred Art and Visual Splendor, multiple Lenders: Portugal, Italy, France, Hongkong - Asian Civilization Museum

Treasures of British Museum - National Museum Singapore

Artist and Empire: Encountering Colonial Legacies/ multiple lenders - National Gallery Singapore

Reframing Modernism, multiple lenders - National Gallery Singapore

Nonya Needlework: Embroidery and Beadwork, multiple lenders Netherlands - Peranakan Museum

The Deep travel show, loans from France/HKG/Sin/Shanghai - Art Science Museum

Hereford Magna Carta and the writs of King John from Hereford Cathedral, London - Supreme Court, Singapore

Unsung Heroes / Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall  - Museum of Dr Sun Yat Sen, Ghuandong China

Sarong Kebaya - Asian Civilization Museum - Fukuoka Art Museum

Local Exhibitions:

Wu Guan Zhong - National Gallery Singapore

Singapore History Gallery rotations - National Museum Singapore

Louis Vuitton exhibition & local installation - Louis Vuitton Singapore

Imprinting Malay Modernity - Malay Heritage Centre

Iskandar Jalil: Clay Travels - National Gallery Singapore

Modern Colony - National Museum Singapore

Surviving Syonan - National Museum Singapore

We Built A Nation - National Museum Singapore

Once upon a Time in Little India - Indian Heritage Centre

Ancient Religions - Asian Civilization Museum

South Asia and The Islamic World - Peranakan Museum